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Group Leader: Asha Mahesh


THEMIS Bi-weekly Meeting (Skype Meeting) Occurs every other Tuesday from 10:00 AM to 11:00 AM.

Join Skype Meeting

Join by phone Toll number: +1 (646) 838-2458,,88328055# (Dial-in Number) English (United States) Conference ID: 88328055

Meeting Minutes:

Meeting notes from Nov 29th:

  1. Team discussed several items on the issue list
  2. Schedule follow up meeting for further discussion. Observe the efficiency of remote/webex meeting and make a decision to meet in-person as needed
  3. Please review the spreadsheet and socialize discussed topics on OHDSI forums to gather input
Low quality records, e.g. CPRD “researchable patient” flagKick out/create variable for CDM WG
Data inclusionCreate summary guideline, report % loss
Start Date before Observation PeriodHistory of/First date of Observation Period
End Date - same day issueSpecial times (0.00 and 23.59)/Blank
Socioeconomic, marital, language ConceptsCreate conventions for Concepts
Flavors of 0Document
Source Value combo code+vocabConcatenate/Leave blank and use Source Concept
Source Value combo more than oneConcatenate/Leave blank and use Source Concept
Source Value combo code+nameConcatenate/Leave blank and use Source Concept
Source Concepts for local variablesAbolish SOURCE_TO_CONCEPT_MAP and develop guidelines for creating Source Concepts >2B
Source Concept=0 for Achillesmake not nullable for OMOP CDM
Negative integersDevelop guideline
Invalid numbersDevelop guidelines
Concepts privacy issuesData deleted for privacy in record/Mark deletions in metadata/Establish Black List/Remove patients entirely/Set to 0
Convert data from surveys?Keep in Observation/Add, with explicit Type Concept
Dedup?Pick the highest Type Concept
Clean up Type ConceptsKeep precedence, drop visit type
Derive pregnancies?Introduce
Visit_occurrence_id mandatory?
ICD Source value: With or without dotsIrrelevant with mandatory Source Concepts
Duplicates for same dayDon't dedup
End date guessing for prescribed, administered, mail-ordered
SigClean up and develop standard
Contradiction between Sig, end date, days supply, amountETLer's problem
Dose Era logic
Patient reported drugsUse
Stop reasonConsider abolishing after polling
Link between orders, administration, dispensing and fillingPublish guidelines
HCPCS and NDC on same lineConsider heuristic for picking
J code unitsConsider placing in quantity field
NDC9 to 11 mapping contradictionsConsider polling and vocab fix
NDC non-unique Concepts over timeCreate Black List
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