Hong Yu

BioOHDSI Publications

Hong Yu, MS, MA, PhD, FACMI
Professor, Department of Quantitative Health Sciences
University of Massachusetts Medical School

Professor Yu’s research interests are in the areas of information retrieval, extraction, natural language processing, summarization, human-computer interaction, with a focus on biomedical applications. She has led the development of many systems, including the biomedical question answering system AskHERMES, the adverse drug event pharmacovigilance system, the innovative biomedical figure search system, and the NoteAid systems that help patients comprehend electronic medical records.

She is an elected fellow of American College of Medical Informatics. She has served as co-Chair in the biomedical natural language processing sections of the Pacific Symposium of Biocomputing and IEEE International Conference on Bioinformatics & Biomedicine. She is a member of the editorial board of the Journal of Biomedical Informatics, and is the PI of several National Institutes of Health and industry funded projects. Her papers and poster was nominated or awarded as best paper in major biomedical informatics conferences: AMIA, MedInfo, and ISMB. Her work is included as best paper in IMIA Yearbook of Medical Informatics, described in Translational Bioinformatics Year in Review, and featured in Science, Nature, BioInform, the Pulitzer-winning Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, and the Milwaukee Public Radio.

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