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Line 42: Line 42:
 GROUP BY condition_concept_id GROUP BY condition_concept_id
   ,​condition_type_concept_id   ,​condition_type_concept_id
 +===== Indentation and new lines =====
 +Indentation is done using tabs. Field definitions are followed by a new line.
 +SELECT COUNT(*) AS person_count,​
 +  condition_type_concept_id
 +FROM (
 +  SELECT * 
 +  FROM condition_era
 +  WHERE condition_concept_id = 123
 +  ) tmp
 +GROUP BY condition_type_concept_id;​
 +SELECT COUNT(*) AS person_count,​ condition_type_concept_id
 +FROM (SELECT * FROM condition_era WHERE condition_concept_id = 123) tmp
 +GROUP BY condition_type_concept_id;​
 </​code>​ </​code>​
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