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How to get access

The OHDSI Jenkins CI Server User Interface is here:

Anyone can view the status of the build jobs in Jenkins using the above URL without needing to log into the server.

If you want to setup your own Jenkins build jobs request an OHDSI Jenkins account by sending an email to

Build jobs running on the OHDSI Jenkins CI Server

  • WebAPI
  • SqlRender
  • AchillesWeb
  • Cyclops

Note. The WebAPI, AchillesWeb, CIRCE and HERMES Jenkins build jobs also auto-deploy the latest versions from the associated github master repos to the public OHDSI server. Therefore it is recommended that developers develop in feature branches and only push to the master branch when they are ready to deploy the code.

General info on how to setup up a Jenkins build job

Maven build jobs

Maven is installed on the CI server and can be used by Jenkins build jobs. More info will be posted here in the new year on how to create a maven build job, using the new OHDSI WebAPI project as an example.

Jenkins build jobs can optionally be automatically triggered by a Github project using a Github webhook. e.g. when source is checked into a Github project.

Automated builds using Github webhooks

The Cyclops job on the OHDSI Jenkins server is an example of a job that is triggered from a webhook (in this case for the ODSI Cyclops Github project. More information will be posted here in the new year on how to setup a Github OHDSI project webhook for the OHDSI Jenkins server.

You will need to work with the Github OHDSI project maintainer to configure a Github project webhook if you are not the project owner.

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