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   * Add **- ./​ install_github jimhester/​covr** to the **install** section   * Add **- ./​ install_github jimhester/​covr** to the **install** section
   * Add **- Rscript -e '​library(covr);​codecov()'​** to the **after_success** section ​   * Add **- Rscript -e '​library(covr);​codecov()'​** to the **after_success** section ​
 +==== Testing functions requiring database access ====
 +On the OHDSI Jenkins server there are 6 databases that can be accessed from within a unit test, for the 3 main platforms (SQL Server, Oracle, PostgreSQL),​ and the two main versions of the [[documentation:​cdm|Common Data Model]] (versions 4 and 5). To access the databases locally, you'll need to specify several environmental variables. These environmental variables should also be available on the [[OHDSI Travis CI Server]].
 +Some example code in the DatabaseConnector package can be found  [[https://​​OHDSI/​DatabaseConnector/​blob/​master/​tests/​testthat/​test-connection.R|here]].
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