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CDM and Vocabulary Workgroup Goals 2016

1. Establish a consistent transparent process to improve and change both the CDM and the Vocabulary through:

  • Forum discussion
  • Uniform proposal submission
  • Peer vetting
  • Group approval
  • Documentation

2. Have at least a dozen requests vetted and implemented if approved. Candidates include:

  • Consolidate payer costs from multiple to one table
  • Expand the DRUG_STRENGTH table to all concept classes
  • Establish conventions for denominator and quantity units in the DRUG_EXPOSURE table
  • Establish conventions for tobacco smoking representation
  • Improve vocabulary and establish conventions for representing procedure occurrence modifiers
  • Add package or box size to the DRUG_STRENGTH table
  • Provide support for more consistent and granular temporal data representation
  • Add drug benefit Indicator to the PAYER_PLAN_PERIOD table
  • Create model/conventions/vocabulary to represent transition of care
  • Add vocabulary and conventions for survey data representation
  • Add support for data provenance, harmonize vocabulary for concept types
  • Add new domains: oncology, genomics, sensor

3. Improve collaboration and alignment between CDM/Vocabulary, software development, and other workgroups.

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