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 ===Discussing proposals== ===Discussing proposals==
-Proposals are discussed on the OHDSI Forum for CDM Builders at [[http://​​c/​cdm-builders/​]]+Proposals are discussed ​either: 
 +  - on the [[https://​​OHDSI/​CommonDataModel/​issues?​utf8=%E2%9C%93&​q=is%3Aissue%20label%3AProposal%20|github issue site]] 
 +  - during the [[http://​​web/​wiki/​doku.php?​id=projects:​workgroups:​cdm-wg|workgroup meetings]]  
 +  - or on the [[http://​​c/​cdm-builders/​|OHDSI Forum for CDM Builders]]
 ===Submitting proposals=== ===Submitting proposals===
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 ===Accepting proposals=== ===Accepting proposals===
-  * At [[​edit?usp=sharing|monthly ​meetings]] by a majority vote+  * At [[​workgroups:​cdm-wg|workgroup ​meetings]] by a majority vote
   * Determine time of release   * Determine time of release
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