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-===== Remove days_supply field =====+===== End of a drug exposure ​===== 
 +=== Proposals are now tracked as github issues === 
 +[[https://​​OHDSI/​CommonDataModel/​issues/​71|link to issue in github]]
-  * Requester: Klaus Bonadt+  * Requester: Klaus Bonadt, Christian Reich, Patrick Ryan
   * Discussion: [[http://​​t/​proposal-for-conventions-regarding-quantity-and-strength/​1036|here]].   * Discussion: [[http://​​t/​proposal-for-conventions-regarding-quantity-and-strength/​1036|here]].
 ---- ----
 ==== Proposal ==== ==== Proposal ====
-Since the days_supply ​and the drug_exposure_end_date fields essentially denominate ​the same thing. In additionhaving two fields generates ​the possibility ​of inconsistency.+Relevant table: http://​​web/​wiki/​doku.php?​id=documentation:​cdm:​drug_exposure 
 +|drug_exposure_end_date|Yes|date|The end date for the current instance of Drug utilization. Depending on different sources, it could be a known or an inferred date and denotes ​the last day at which the patient was still exposed to drug.| 
 +|days_supply|No|integer|The number of days of supply of the medication as prescribed. This reflects the intention of the provider for the length of exposure.| 
 +|verbatim_end_date|No|date|The known end date of a drug exposure as provided by the source.| 
 +The verbatim_end_dat field is only necessary as the drug_exposure_end_date becomes mandatory, and might be (wrongly) inferred. In cases where no good data are available to fill that end_date, the ETL will have to take a guess, and that may not satisfy some algorithms for dose calculation.  
 +== Conventions == 
 +  * The drug_exposure_end_date denotes the day the drug exposure ended for the patient. This could be that the duration ​of drug_supply was reached (in which case drug_exposure_end_date = drug_exposure_start_date + days_supply -1), or because the exposure was stopped (medication changed, medication discontinued,​ etc.
 === Use Cases === === Use Cases ===
-Nonesince this is a removal.+All standardized analytics and the drug era constructor will only use the drug_exposure_end_date. The days supply could be used to understand the intent of prescribing versus the realityand it could be used to calculate [[http://​​contributor/​michael-crowe-pharmd-mba-csp-fmpa/​2015/​07/​do-you-know-the-difference-between-these-adherence-measures|MPR]].
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