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Drug Benefit Indicator

  • Requester: Don Torok
  • Discussion:

Add the attribute to the payer plan period table to indicate if a person is likely to have prescription drug records for this period of time. Create a new payer plan period record when a person’s drug benefit status changes. Claims data often provides such an indicator, although it is not clear if the lack of drug benefits is because they are not included in a person's health insurance plan or if the plan does not report drug benefit information to the data provider. EMR data also may or may not include prescription drug information. The fact that prescription drug records are not likely to be available is an important piece of information. Possible values are Y/N/NULL.


Add this column to Payer Plan Period Table

Column nameRequiredData typeDescription
Rx_benefitNochar(1)Y/N/NULL Indicates if person's prescription information likely to be recorded in drug exposure table

Use Cases

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