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CDM Multi-Level Associations

  • Proposer: Clair Blacketer


Add a table that allows for two or more levels of association or linkage between CONCEPT_IDs. This would mostly benefit data sources that are not claims or EHR based. The specific use case I am thinking of is related to the NHANES dataset; a U.S. based survey that combines both health and nutrition information. I cannot currently store the nutrition information effectively because all the CDM tables have one level of association. Adding in a table with two or more levels would allow me to use the nutritional information effectively. For example:

       Patient_id -> Date of Meal -> Food item consumed -> Calories in Food item
       Patient_id -> Date of Meal -> Food item consumed -> Grams of Fat in Food 

This file was taken straight from the NHANES website and shows how the dietary data are constructed.

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