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Harmonization of procedure concepts

  • Requester: Vojtech Huser
  • Discussion:



This proposal does not involve a change to the CDM schema. This is follow up on discussion at Bethesda F2F meeting. It was suggested to do an evaluation of granularity in various procedural terminologies.

In the long run (not possible today): The idea is to make all CPT4 codes non standard concepts. (change in OHDSI Vocabulary)


A phenotype definition (patient cohort) may include Diagnostic or Medication Code. However, it can also include Procedural code. e.g., patients who had chest X ray done.

Whereas OHDSI is using SNOMED for Diagnoses and LOINC for lab, there is no “international” terminology for procedures. Some Asian countries mapped their procedure codes to CPT4. However CPT4 requires a license. For new data partners within OHDSI, the license requirement may be troubling.

Possible terminologies may be ICD10PCS or SNOMED (specifically, procedure codes within SNOMED). Snomed does not offer the needed granularity.

Use Cases

Allow procedures to be part of phenotype definitions.

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