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 * Review of surgical treatments - Rimma * Review of surgical treatments - Rimma
  ​{{:​documentation:​oncology:​surgical_treatment_overview_2017-07-25.pptx| Surgical treatment ovreview}}  ​{{:​documentation:​oncology:​surgical_treatment_overview_2017-07-25.pptx| Surgical treatment ovreview}}
 To-do list: To-do list:
   * All: explore publishing opportunities ​   * All: explore publishing opportunities ​
 +Quality Assurance of Biomedical Terminologies and Ontologies
 + ​http://​​science/​article/​pii/​S1532046417300886
   * Rimma: outline for the OHDSI symposium poster   * Rimma: outline for the OHDSI symposium poster
   * Dima/Anna: continue with ICD-O to SNOMED mappings   * Dima/Anna: continue with ICD-O to SNOMED mappings
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