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  • Cancer diagnosis proposal was revisited with a demo from Christian Reich via mapping SNOMED à NCI Metathesaurus à ICD-O per suggestions from Iker.

the full list of SNOMED codes that are descendants of “Malignant Neoplastic Disease”, and their crosswalk to NCI codes through UMLS.

Forum discussion

  • Michael Gurley will generate the list of valid site/histology combinations based on the SEER validation list and then attempt to query the NCI Metathesaurus to find a SNOMED code for each combination – using Iker's suggestions.
  • Mitra Rocca and Guoqian Jiang to contact NCI team on their current efforts.
  • Identifying of treatment episodes and treatment regimens in EMR and consequently in the OMOP CDM is a challenge. Literature review will be helpful. Looking for volunteers.
  • Treatment regimens are better structured in tumor registries
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