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1. Treatment proposal

a. Close voting by the end of the week:

b. Give both options, A and B, to the CDM WG and community to fully understand the ETL and queering implications of each

2. Vocabulary tasks

a. Full description of the tasks and workforce is here:

b. Rimma/Christian to reach out to Dmytry/Anna

c. Further planning at F-t-F

3. Face-to-Face WG meeting

a. Time

May 2nd, 6-9 pm (following OHDSI F-t-F Presentations)

b. Place

Room: TBD

Department of Biomedical Informatics

Columbia University Medical Center

622 W. 168th Street, Presbyterian Building 20th Floor

New York, NY 10032

c. Attendees

Please kindly e-mail me if you are planning to attended in person or remotely

d. Agenda

· Detailed planning for the vocabulary tasks/subgroups

· NAACR vocabulary integration and mapping to Nebraska Lexicon

· Other ideas? – are welcome

4. Next meetings

a. Vocab subgroups will meet more frequently and report their progress to the larger WG

b. Larger WG meetings will take place once a month (keeping Tuesdays, 11 am ET)

c. Next meeting tentative topic: Tina Hernandez-Boussard will present their work on abstraction algorithms for prostate cancer

5. Present Diagnosis and Treatment Proposal to CDM WG

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