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Meeting Notes July 9, 2019


  • Hokyun Jeon from AJOU University gave a Presentation titled “Implementation of Episode-based Oncology OMOP-CDM In Electronic Health Record”. This presentation gave an overview of the first attempt by a group to implement the population of the OMOP Oncology CDM extension.
  • Seng Chan You raised the question of whether it is appropriate to include in the EPISODE_EVENT table for a 'Treatment Regimen' Episode entry a link to the CONDITION_OCCURRENCE entry used as the index date for the derivation of the 'Treatment Regimen' Episode entry from DRUG_EXPOSURE entries. The group concurred that it is appropriate. Any clinical event in any table that an Episode algorithm uses to derive an Episode should be linked to via EPISODE_EVENT.
  • Seng Chan You raised the question of how to properly relate 'Disease Episode' entries in the Episode table to 'Treatment Regimen' entries in the Episode table. Seng Chan You mentioned that in EHR data (as opposed to tumor registry data) there is rarely an explicit link between a treatment regimen and the condition that the treatment regimen is attempting to address. Michael Gurley mentioned that even though this link is present in tumor registries, the characterization of oncology drug regimens in tumor registries is very high-level(hormonal therapy, immunotherapy, chemotherapy). The group agreed that currently the OMOP CDM Oncology Extension does not have any guidance or standard for relating 'Disease Episode' entries and 'Treatment Regimen' entries. The specter of the dreaded FACT_RELATIONSHIP appeared.
  • Dmytry Dymshyts announced the news that the NAACCR vocabulary would be released within ATHENA within the coming days. The group was encouraged to download NAACCR from ATHENA and begin attempting to map oncology diagnosis modifier and treatment data. Even ahead of any ETL documentation.
  • Rimma Belenkaya stressed the need for the new CONCEPT_NUMERIC table be distributed via a download from a shared space. Maybe Dropbox or Google Drive.
  • Rimma Belenkaya and Michael Gurley gave the news that the first version of ETL documentation would be released in the near future.
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