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Meeting Notes July 16, 2019


  • Joseph Plasek from Advocate Aurora Health University gave a Presentation titled “Common Data Model for harmonizing heterogenous data”. This presentation gave an overview of Aurora Health's, UW Health and Advocate Health Care transformation of Non-Muscle Invasive Blander Cancer data into the OMOP CDM. In the absence of the completed OMOP CDM Oncology Extension, this effort worked within the current OMOP CDM. Joseph pointed out some gaps in the proposed OMOP Ooncology CDM Oncology Extension.
    • Tumor Characteristics Gap
    • Complex Drug Regimens Gap
    • Time To Outcome Gap
  • Seng Chan You from AJOU University went over some example Colon cancer patient histories, illustrating how the patients could be converted into the OMOP CDM Oncology Extension.
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