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Meeting Notes July 23, 2019

Here is a link to a recording of the meeting: recording.


  • Michael Gurley shared updated DDL for the OMOP Oncology CDM extension. DDL. The update renamed a column 'episode_event_event_id' to 'event_id' in the EPISODE_EVENT table. This had been decided a while back but not been implemented. The update also renamed constraints/indexes to be in line with current OMOP naming conventions.
  • Rimma Belenkaya and Michael reviewed the first draft of the ETL documentation.
    • Michael highlighted the need for shared code to help pre-process different NAACCR formats to work with the ETL documentation. The ETL expects input data to be in an EAV format, one row per NAACCR item, keyed by patient and histology/site.
    • The group discussed adopting the convention for referencing recurrent/subsequent diagnoses via the EPISODE.episode_parent_id between 'Disease First Occurrence' episodes and subsequent Episode entries.
      • The group agreed that this convention makes sense. It will be enshrined in the documentation.
    • The group discussed whether 'Disease Episode' concepts should apply to CONDITION_OCCURRENCE entries or only to EPISODE entries.
      • The group agreed to see if ETL testing bears out if this is necessary.
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