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Meeting Notes June 19, 2019


Attendees: Dmytry, Christian, Michael

  • Dmytry can assign NAACCR Secondary diagnoses concepts non-standard as we expect to get this information from EHR. Don't create answers as separate codes for concepts with ICD10CM ranges as it is already a ICD10CM codes present in the OHDSI vocabulary.
  • Dmytry can ignore code_omop_concept_codes field in the naaccr_curated.xlsx spreadsheet and just join on 'item_number' for NAACCR items and 'code' for NAACCR item codes.
  • Dmytry will correct the mistakes in naaccr_curated.xlsx. For example, '700_02 (Chemotherapy, single agent)', '700_03 (Chemotherapy, multiple agents)', '3934_X2 (Tumor Deposits identified, number unknown)' should all be standard.
  • Dmytry will correct the wrongly assigned 'flavors of unknown' in naaccr_curated.xlsx and use his own method to determine that 'flavors of unknown' should be made non-standard
  • Dmytry will the correct names for site non-specific - 880 (LymphomaOcularAdnexa Path T (no UICC definition)) case.
  • Michael map NAACCR items to NAACCR items if they are somehow duplicated like 1013 (AJCC TNM Path M) to 880 (TNM Path T).
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