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CIRCE - Cohort Inclusion and Restriction Criteria Expression


When performing an analysis, usually the first step is to define the population of interest (also known as a cohort). However, there is limited technology out there that makes it easy for a user to define populations based on user-specified criteria. CIRCE provides a user interface for users to enter cohort criteria, persist them to storage, and generate the CDM v5 SQL queries.

Scope and purpose

The scope of CIRCE is to enable a researcher to specify criteria that identifies a patient population within the Common Data Model (CDM). The criteria available for cohort definition is directly mapped to the entity types found in the CDM v5: Person, Condition_occurrence, Condition_era, Drug_Occurrence, Drug_era, Procedure_occurrence, Observation, Visit, and Death. By having a well-defined data-structure for capturing cohort definition criteria, definitions can be shared between CDM environments to do comparative analysis.

Installation and support


All source code and installation instructions available on Github:

Any bugs/issues/enhancements should be posted to the Github repository:

Any questions/comments/feedback/discussion about HERMES can be posted on the OHDSI Developer Forum:

User Guide


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