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OHDSI-In-A-Box is a virtual machine containing the full OHDSI Technology Stack as well as several of the OHDSI tools. It was constructed as a resource to supplement tutorials held during the 2016 OHDSI Symposium. It also functions as a learning aid and sandbox environment for those who want hands-on experience with OHDSI.

Minimum System Requirements
  • 8GB RAM
  • 45GB available disk space
  • Oracle VM Virtual Box
Setup Procedure
  • Download and install the appropriate VirtualBox binaries link
  • Download and unzip link
  • Unzip to expose ohdsi-in-a-box.vdi
  • Create an Ubuntu virtual machine using ohdsi-in-a-box.vdi
    • Open Oracle VM VirtualBox Manager and click “New”
    • In the Create Virtual Machine dialog enter the following parameters:
      • Name: ohdsi-in-a-box
      • Type: Linux
      • Version: Ubuntu (64-bit)
      • Memory size: 2048 MB
      • Hard Disk: Use an existing hard disk file (navigate to the unzipped file ohdsi-in-a-box.vdi)
      • Click Create
    • A new entry ohdsi-in-a-box will appear in VirtualBox Manager. Right-click on the entry and select the menu item Settings.

  • In the Settings dialog go to the Storage section and ensure that ohdsi-in-a-box.vdi appears as a hard disk under Controller: IDE within the Storage Tree. (If it is under SATA, remove it and add it under Controller: IDE.)
  • Click OK to close the Settings dialog.
  • Double-click the entry ohdsi-in-a-box in VirtualBox Manager.
  • If prompted, select the default settings and allow it to boot up.
  • Enter the following credentials:
    • login: ohdsi
    • password: ohdsi
  • The ohdsi-in-a-box desktop should appear.
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