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OLYMPUS - OHDSI Loaded on Your Machines to Produce Ultimate Science


OLYMPUS is designed to be a unified launcher and configurator for OHDSI environments. Specifically, it is designed to simplify installation and launching of web-based OHDSI applications. It is also designed to facilitate configuring the local CDM environment to work with OHDSI tools.

Scope and purpose

The scope of OLYMPUS is to provide a simplified option for those who wish to work with OHDSI tools but do not want to manually build and install the various components. OLYMPUS will provide a deployable version of the WebAPI, a set of OHDSI web applications, and a front-end for launching applications and for CDM configuration. Limited security options may be available but full user management is not within scope for the initial development.

Installation and support


  • JRE >=1.6

All source code and installation instructions available on Github:

Any bugs/issues/enhancements should be posted to the Github repository:

Any questions/comments/feedback/discussion about HERMES can be posted on the OHDSI Developer Forum.

User Guide


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