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Overall Structure of vocabulary meets criteria described here: To standardize all the data (eg, ingredients, dose forms, etc.) have been translated into English as source data were presented in German. Original names you can find in concept_synonym table.

There are several distinctive features in the vocabulary.

1. Ingredients

In the original data part of ingredients are presented in the form of water and alcohol solutions. RxNorm vocabulary do not distinguish between them, so these ingredients are presented as the active ingredients.

Amis RxNorm
05103-4, Ginsengwurzel, 350. mg 259385 ginseng root
01851-0, Ginsengwurzel, TE mit Ethanol / Ethanol-Wasser (% -Angaben) -Bemerkung: DEV: (3-4.5: 1); Ethanolgehalt: 30% (m / m), 100. Mg 259385 ginseng root

Also some ingredients are in the form of hydrated molecules. In case when RxNorm can provide such an information they are mapped precisely.

01615-7, Natriumacetat-Trihydrat, 6.8 g 237108 Sodium Acetate Trihydrate

Otherwise this information is omitted as insignificant.

26116-1, Azithromycin 2 H<2>O, 3.75 mg 18631 Azithromycin

2.Brand Names

The term Brand Name is considered to mean the name under which the drug is released to the market and the consumer can buy it. Thus, for example, Brand Names are: Olanzapin Sandoz, Xipamid Al, Buprenorphin-Ratiopharm and Zocor.

3.Marketed Product and Supplier

Supplier information was added, as well as relationships between Marketed Drug Product and Supplier: relationships 'Has supplier' и 'Supplier of’ . Marketed Product is the drug that has the supplier irrespectively of its class (Branded Drug, Clinical Drug Box, etc). Each marketed product has relation to the particular drug with relationship_id 'Has marketed form' and 'Marketed form of'. In AMIS source codes represents marketed products and their related drugs have OMOP-codes.


In AMIS some original codes represent packs, OMOP-codes for their content were generated. For example, 1460525 {10 (nifuratel 250 mg Vaginal Stick [Inimur Kombipack]) / 21 (nifuratel 200 mg Dragee [Inimur Kombipack]) } Pack [Inimur Kombipack] by Taurus Pharma GmbH

5.Concepts that are non-drugs

AMIS vocabulary contains devices such as bandages, syringes, food supplements, etc. Please see for Domain rules definition. Non-drugs don't have RxNorm or RxNorm Extension equivalents and relationships, they are presented in OMOP vocabulary as standard concepts. For example, 2185965 Gadopentat (contrast agent)

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