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-^ATC|ATC 1st|Anatomical main group|||||||+===== ATC ===== 
-^:::|ATC 2nd|Therapeutic subgroup|||||||+ 
-^:::|ATC 3rd|Pharmacological subgroup|||||||+The Anatomical Therapeutic Chemical (ATC) Classification System is a drug classification system that classifies the active ingredients of drugs according to the organ or system on which they act and their therapeutic,​ pharmacological,​ and chemical properties. It is controlled by the World Health Organization Collaborating Centre for Drug Statistics Methodology (WHOCC). 
-^:::|ATC 4th|Therapeutic/​pharmacological/​chemical subgroup|||||||+ 
-^:::|ATC 5th|Chemical substance subgroup (ingredients or combinations)||||||||+Inasmuch as the ATC codes are semantic identifiers, ​ the ATC vocabulary was taken as a basis for the OMOP Drug hierarchy. 
 +As of 7 May 2020, there are 6,331 codes in ATC. 
 +==== Domains ==== 
 +All ATC concepts belong to the "​Drug"​ domain. 
 +==== Concept Classes ==== 
 +^concept_class_id ​^description| 
 +^ATC 1st|Anatomical main group| 
 +^ATC 2nd|Therapeutic subgroup| 
 +^ATC 3rd|Pharmacological subgroup| 
 +^ATC 4th|Therapeutic/​pharmacological/​chemical subgroup| 
 +^ATC 5th|Chemical substance subgroup (ingredients or combinations)|
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