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CDM and Vocabulary Development Working Group


  1. To continue to develop the OMOP Common Data Model for the purpose of systematic, standardized and large-scale analytics applied to clinical patient data.
  2. To improve the quality of the Standardized Vocabularies by increasing their coverage of international coding systems and clinical aspects of patient care in order to support the standardized analytics developed by other working groups.


Everybody who has an interest in the improvement of the OMOP Common Data Model and Standardized Vocabularies to meet all needs and use cases. Meeting information is below.

Project Leads: Christian Reich, Rimma Belenkaya, Patrick Ryan

Project Manager: Clair Blacketer

Meetings: Every first Tuesday at 1pm EST (after the OHDSI meeting):

Meeting number: 742 141 358

Join by phone
US toll-free: 1-877-565-9999 (US)
Attendee access code: 881 735 36
List of global numbers

Current **OMOP Common Data Model**

CDM Documentation

CDM Proposals

Running agenda and notes

Current Activities

Workgroup members

Workgroup Documents

Vocabulary Repository

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