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-===== Cost, Utilization,​ Economics and Service ​WG =====+===== Cost, Utilization,​ Economics and Service ​Workgroup ​=====
 <WRAP box justify round> <WRAP box justify round>
 ====Objectives:​==== ====Objectives:​====
-  - To analyze cost information +  - To develop specifications for methods and software that maybe used for healthcare resource utilization and costs analysis. 
-  - To give Gowtham his own WGsince he is not fully stretched+  - To augment standard OHDSI tools with ability to support health economichealth insurance, actuarial, and financial use cases
 ===Audience:​=== ===Audience:​===
-Everybody who ..+Our special focus is on health economics, health insurance, actuarial and financing use cases that have not been the traditional strong suite of OHDSI.
 **Workgroup Leads:​** ​ [[https://​​who-we-are/​collaborators/​gowtham-rao/​|Gowtham Rao]], [[http://​​t/​welcome-to-ohdsi-please-introduce-yourself/​704/​230|Dave Kern]] **Workgroup Leads:​** ​ [[https://​​who-we-are/​collaborators/​gowtham-rao/​|Gowtham Rao]], [[http://​​t/​welcome-to-ohdsi-please-introduce-yourself/​704/​230|Dave Kern]]
 **Workgroup Members:​** ​ [[projects:​workgroups:​cost-wg:​members|Participants]] **Workgroup Members:​** ​ [[projects:​workgroups:​cost-wg:​members|Participants]]
 +[[http://​​users/​SCYou/​|Seng Chan You]]
 **Meetings:​** Every ...: **Meetings:​** Every ...:
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