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Early Stage Researchers

First meetings: May 10th (Europe - East Coast - West Coast), May 12th (East Coast - West Coast- Asia)


This working group was formed to provide a space for researchers more junior in their career to gain experience in running projects, meetings as well as giving creating research ideas and giving presentations. All are welcome to attend the meetings and contribute but should be mindful that the junior members of the community are encouraged to take on leadership roles. The aim is to help give researchers and members the experience to develop confidence to contribute more broadly to the OHDSI community.

The working group will hold monthly meetings which will contain a presentation from a member with a discussion. Further we hope to begin to run our own research projects where members can gain experience in leading, collaborating and supervising projects.

Provide a welcoming low pressure environment to learn and develop presentation and leadership skills. The aim of this will be to accomplish this through practical means such as running projects. We also aim to facilitate members in their ability to contribute to other WGs within the OHDSI ecosystem.

Project Leads: Faaizah Arshad, Ross Williams


The [Europe - East Coast - West Coast] hemisphere will meet Mondays at 1pm UK time.

The [East Coast - West Coast - Asia] hemisphere will meet Wednesdays at 4pm GMT+9.


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