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FHIR Workgroup

Objective: To establish the roadmap for the OHDSI FHIR integration and to make recommendations to the broader community for leveraging the FHIR implementation and data in EHR community for the OHDSI-based observation studies and for disseminating the OHDSI data and research results through the FHIR-based tools and APIs.


  • To develop consensus on standardized mappings between OHDSI CDM and FHIR resources
  • To identify existing preliminary work in terms of the FHIR OHDSI integration
  • To discuss the standard extension of the OHDSI CDM handling additional data needs from FHIR

Project Leads: Jon Duke, Guoqian Jiang, Please add here if you would like to help lead

Project Co-Leads: Richard Starr, Myung Choi, Eric Prud'hommeaux, Please add here if you would like to help lead

Start Date: March 15, 2017


Additional Information: HL7 Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR) is emerging as a next generation standards framework for facilitating health care and electronic health records-based data exchange. A number of major EHR vendors (e.g., Epic) have adopted the FHIR standard and this provides great opportunities to enable better use of EHR data for the OHDSI community. In addition, FHIR provides a standards-based framework based on the RESTful architecture that can be leveraged for disseminating the OHDSI data and research results.


Participants: Please add your name and email to this membership list below if you would like to participate

Schedule: OHDSI FHIR WG Monthly Meeting

November Meeting: (TBD)

Call in Number:

To join teleconference:

USA & Canada: Global Crossing number: 866-365-4406 Access code: 2661327


0800941635 (Toll Free) 
0174180780 (Toll)  


08001014540 (Toll Free) 
030700150718 (Toll) 


08004960580 (Toll Free) 
02079040085 (Toll) 


8008190377 (Toll Free) 
4006208036 (Toll) 

Other International Numbers - FHIR WG


To join web conference: Global Crossing number: 8663654406 Access code: 2661327

Members of the OHDSI FHIR Workgroup

First name Last name Email Institute
Jon Duke Georgia Tech
Guoqian Jiang Mayo Clinic
Richard Starr Georgia Tech
Myung Choi Georgia Tech
Eric Prud'hommeaux W3C/MIT
Karthik Natarajan Columbia University
Taha Abdul-Basser ? ?
mitra rocca ? ?
haisheng wang Juding Shenzhen
Tom Wilson ? ?
Gowtham Rao ?
Frank DeFalco ? ?
Kavishwar Wagholikar Harvard Medical School
Michael Kahn ?
Daniella Meeker ?
Sigfried Gold Human-Computer Interaction Lab, iSchool, University of Maryland
Evanette Burrows Children's Hospital of Philadelphia

Meeting Notes

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