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Gold Standard Phenotype Library Workgroup

Objective: To enable members of the OHDSI community to find, evaluate, and utilize community-validated cohort definitions for research and other activities. These “gold standard” definitions will reside in a library, the entries of which are held to specific standards of design and evaluation. These standards are what this working group is ultimately working to establish, as well as the instantiation of the library itself.

To achieve the above objective, we are focusing on the following Subtasks:

  1. Design: Rule-Based (Heuristic) Phenotypes
  2. Design: Computable (Probabilistic) Phenotypes
  3. Evaluation: Manual Chart Review / Annotations
  4. Evaluation: Automated / Algorithmic
  5. Library Architecture and Implementation

Each subtask has a Task Leader:

  1. TBD
  2. Juan Banda
  3. Seng Chan You
  4. Joel Swerdel
  5. Aaron Potvien

All Members:

  • Aaron Potvien (Lead)
  • Anastasios Siapos
  • Andrew Williams
  • Anna Ostropolets
  • Austin Himschoot
  • Jeff Ratto
  • Jill Hardin
  • Joel Swerdel
  • Jon Duke
  • Juan Banda
  • Kimberly Houston
  • Kristin Kostka
  • Luke Rasmussen
  • Marla Gorges
  • Matt Spotnitz
  • Sarah Seager
  • Seng Chan You
  • Trey Schneider
  • Vojtech Huser

Meeting Schedule:
Every First Tuesday at 11am EST

Next Monthly Meeting:
Tuesday (11/5) from 11-12 EST.


Meeting Link:

Audio Connection:
+1-415-655-0001 US TOLL

Access Code:
739 712 554

WG Presentations


This library serves as a resource for validated, peer-revied “Gold Standard” phenotypes. Below is a list of available phenotypes and the links to their respective pages. In addition to the phenotype definition itself, performance metrics are available for multiple sites which describe how well the algorithm performed. Requirements for induction into this library are available at the bottom of this page.

Available Phenotypes

Wish List – Requests for additional validated phenotypes from the community

  • Dementia
  • Obesity
  • (Others)

Submission Requirements

Do you have a phenotype that should be an OHDSI Gold Standard Phenotype? Please enter your submission.

Once submitted, the definition will be reviewed by the OHDSI Phenotype Evaluation Group, and updates will be posted to the forums.

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