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-====== ​New Working ​Group Title ======+====== ​OHDSI en español e português (A Regional ​Group from Latin America) ​======
 <WRAP box justify round> <WRAP box justify round>
-**Objective:** +**Mission:** To help extend and customize the OHDSI network in Latin America, and the vision is to achieve a better community through the adherence to open science collaborative approaches and through better decision making in healthcare.
-**Project Leadership:**  +**Objectives:** 
 +   * Increase the interest, attention and ultimately resources invested in OHDSI by promoting its value in Latin America: 
 +      * Make the case for the positive impact of research alliances to strengthen research communities and the overall interests of Latin America healthcare environments (more informed decision making), working with relevant stakeholders to customize the value involved the region  
 +      * Develop resources that could be used by the OHDSI community interested in Latin American growth to advocate for OHDSI 
 +      * Be the voice and group connecting the overall OHDSI community to Latin America 
 +      * Develop further linkages of OHDSI with potential collaborators at different levels of the Latin American health care systems 
 +   * Help facilitate benefits for the research community in Latin America deriving in growing capabilities of researchers to engage with OHDSI projects (beyond the role of “data providers”) 
 +      * Promote educational activities 
 +      * Generate opportunities to engage the healthcare research community in hands-on projects in all dimensions of OHDSI (research and methods): 
 +         * Hackathons 
 +         * Demonstration projects 
 +         * Engagement in OHDSI research projects as participating centers
-**Repository:**+**Project Leadership[[https://​​who-we-are/​collaborators/​gerardo-machnicki-msc-ph-d/​|Gerardo Machnicki]],​ [[https://​​who-we-are/​collaborators/​jose-posada/​|Jose Posada]],​[[https://​​who-we-are/​collaborators/​juan-m-banda/​|Juan Banda]],​[[https://​​who-we-are/​collaborators/​kristin-kostka/​|Kristin Kostka]] ​** 
 +**Membership:​ Please fill out our [[https://​​forms/​d/​1Ho_0jpvNvpNpy6w4vbNnQfTfdWjBbnt_Obz-jKaHZSE/​edit?​usp=drive_web|Membership Form]]** 
 +**Forum:** [[https://​​c/​ohdsi-en-espanol]] 
 +**Minutes:​** [[https://​​document/​d/​1VnrWo1qZsU_k9oALZN8jshJ33hOAHDD4FmTIi0oeD0w/​edit?​usp=sharing|OHDSI Latin America WG Minutes]] 
 +**Recordings:​** [[https://​​open?​id=1Mjwysbn7dMDJpp1rnnEQh2fDwtjjkpyD|25Feb2020]],​[[https://​​open?​id=1Vrhnka4xEV9Lrj06MdWfwSwk9zxjzsBC|11Feb2020]],​ [[https://​​open?​id=1wnzoWYHxrpV2WKKmE-4JE1ICJ8YOEImr|8Jan2020]]
 </​WRAP>​ </​WRAP>​
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 ==== Meetings ==== ==== Meetings ====
-Schedule: ​+Schedule: ​Every other Tuesday from 10AM-11AM EST 
 +//NOTICE: Workgroup calls are temporarily suspended to allow our global community to respond to COVID-19. We will be restarting the call series as and when appropriate. //
-Next Meeting: ​(Date and Time)+Next Meeting: ​**Call series to be reconvened as priority allows.**
 Call in Number: ​ Call in Number: ​
 +  * US Toll Free: 1-844-517-1271 ​
 +  * Argentina Toll Free: 0800-444-5282
 +  * United Kingdom Toll Free: 0808-234-3336
 +  * Spain Toll Free: 900-9-81084
 +  * Colombia Toll Free: 01-800-5-1-89095
 +  * Brazil Toll Free: 0800-892-0352
-Attendee access code:+Attendee access code: 964 275 612
-WebEx: ​+WebEx: ​https://​​iqvia/​j.php?​MTID=m06c98105a5c2053d8eedba902bb495f9
 +[[https://​​mc3300/​​siteurl=iqvia&​ED=924642652&​UID=516159882&​ICS=MIFH&​ST=1&​SHA2=&​timezoneID=11&​from=page&​viewType=modern|Add to Your Calendar]]
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