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Hua Xu, Jon Duke, Noemie Elhadad, Anupama Gururaj, Alexandre Yahi, Thomas Ginter, Olga Patterson, George Hripsack, Vojtech Huser


  1. IRB for use of clinical text
  2. Clinical text data storage and representation schema
    1. Presentation by Dr. Noemie Elhadad
    2. Title: NLP schemas and clinical NLP tools in ShARe, File
    3. Discussion – Next steps
  3. NLP tools/pipelines for ETL
  4. Use cases, e.g, phenotyping for cohort selection using NLP outputs
    1. Presentation by Dr. Jon Duke, Title: Regenstrief NLP platform and approach to validation of phenotypes
    2. Discussion – Next steps
  5. Discussion
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