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Agenda Items
  • New member introduction
  • The OHDSI genomics data model and FHIR genomics resources (David Fasel, Columbia University)
  • The FHIR/OMOP mappings and DAF implementation details (Hugh Gordon)
  • The FHIR STU3/OMOP mappings review (Myung Choi/Richard Starr)
  • Discussion about the template format for shared mappings
  • Other items (please add)
Meeting Notes
  • David Fasel presented his work on producing an genomics data model on OHDSI CDM, looking at OHDSI Observation Resources and referencing FHIR/GA4GH genomics data models/schemas.
    • Discussions around target use cases, the flexibility of VCF vs. standardization
    • It would be helpful to form a sub-group to discuss some modeling details (Action Item 1 for David - Can you share the modeling documents and co-lead the genomics sub-group?)
  • Hugh Gordon presented the pSCANNER DAF3 pilot project in terms how the OMOP/FHIR mappings are created and implemented.
    • Mapping challenges include 1) no Death resource in FHIR; 2) no resources in FHIR handling clinical notes; and others (see slides - Action Item 2)
    • Discussion points include 1) the choice of using the FHIR extensions vs. profiles (Myung); 2) whether StructureMap/ConceptMap can be used to record/execute mappings (Eric - Action Item 3 - working with Myung for identifying use cases); 3) potential role of the FHIR metadata vocabulary (Harold - Action Item 4 - Providing more information about the FHIR metadata vocabulary); and 4) whether source code is available for the DAF mapping implementations (Action Item 5 for Hugh/Daniella) .
  • A shared spreadsheet should be created to include all mappings from different groups. (Action Item 6 for Myung)
  • Guoqian will follow up with the group to figure out the follow up items for next meeting. (Action Item 7)
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