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Meeting Notes

  • Myung and Richard reviewed the drug_exposure table mappings to the FHIR Medication Resources
  • The conditions using drug_type_concept_id may be standardized in collaboration with the CDM/Vocabulary WG [Action Item 1]
  • Additional metadata (i.e., datatype, textual definition) may be helpful for discussing the element mappings.
  • Myung and Richard will put the link of the mapping spreadsheet to the wiki [Action Item 2]
  • Dragon, who worked on the DAF framework in an ONC project, gave a brief overview of the DAF capability and the OMOP-FHIR mappings.
  • Current status is the DAF implementation guide in STU3 and mappings with OMOP in DSTU2. The mapping updates are under planning
  • We will follow up with Dragon and Hugh to learn more details about the implementation details of the mappings. [Action Item 3]

Agenda Items

  • 1) New member introduction
  • 2) Overview for the OMOP DAD mappings (Nagesh and Hugh)
  • 3) The Drug_Exposure table mappings in STU3 (Myung, Richard)
  • 4) The WG tasks discussion (all)
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