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 * Other items (Please add) * Other items (Please add)
-===== Level 2 Headline ​=====+===== Meeting Notes ===== 
 +* Participants:​ Richard, Myung, Jon, Guoqian, Harold, Na, Eric, Mitra, Gowtham, Karthik, Rashedul  
 +* Richard has confirmed that his slides and use case links have been put on WG wiki page at: http://​​web/​wiki/​doku.php?​id=projects:​workgroups:​ohdsi_fhir_wg_use_cases 
 + * Guoqian will follow up with Kavi with i2b2-omop-fhir mappings 
 +* Georgia Tech team provides an overview of their FHIR DSTU2 to OMOP CDM v5 mappings at: http://​​fhir_omop_mapping.html 
 + * a conditional mapping mechanism is used to map the OMOP drug_exposure table to different FHIR medication resources. the drug_type_concept_id is used as a constraint for the purpose. it will be useful if we can recommend a list of standard concept ids for the community use 
 + * the measurement table and the observation table are combined as a view for the mapping to the FHIR observation resource. discussion was around how the two tables are distinguished in the OHDSI community. 
 + * diff between OMOP measurement ('​-'​) and observation ('​+'​):​ 
 +-range_low NUMERIC NULL ,  
 +-range_high NUMERIC NULL ,  
 +-value_source_value VARCHAR(50) NULL 
 +-operator_concept_id INTEGER NULL ,  
 ++value_as_string VARCHAR(60) NULL ,  
 ++qualifier_concept_id INTEGER NULL , 
 ++qualifier_source_value VARCHAR(50) NULL 
 +* In terms of the WG tasks and action items, the group agreed that we should look at the latest version of FHIR STU3 release. In STU3, MedicationRequest is used to merge MedicationOrder and MedicationPrescription. https://​​fhir/​medicationrequest.html 
 +* the drug_exposure mappings are particular interesting. ​ Georgia Tech team agreed to put together a collection of mappings based on their existing mappings for the WG review. 
 +* Mitra agreed to reachout to the DAF mapping developer to give the WG an overview for the mappings developed in DAF under an ONC project. 
 +* Guoqian and Eric briefly mentioned the FHIR structuremap and mapping language, we are not sure if this would be useful to represent the mappings developed in this WG. 
 + * https://​​fhir/​structuremap.html 
 + * https://​​fhir/​mapping-language.html 
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