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Psychiatry Working Group


The Pyschiatry working group strives to tackle the following goals:

  • To address the different challenges of data harmonization across areas of psychiatry
  • To better understand the vocabularies used across the specialty
  • To decide what is necessary to move current data into the OMOP model
  • To help each other understand and learn from experiences


Everybody who has an interest in the improvement of the OMOP Common Data Model and Standardized Vocabularies from a psychiatry perspective to meet all needs and use cases. Meeting information is below.

Project Leads: Dmitry Dymshyts, Mui Van Zandt

Workgroup Members

GitHub Repo: to follow

Minutes: OHDSI Psychiatry Working Group Minutes


Schedule: Bi-monthly every first and third Thursday at 8am ET

Next Meeting: 3rd October, 2019

WebEx: Join Skype Meeting

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