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-===== Workgroup for OMOP Standardized Vocabularies ​=====+====== Vocabulary Improvement Working Group ======
-This page is debating individual issues about improving ​the OMOP Standard ​Vocabularies. The documentation ​of the current version is [[documentation:vocabulary:​sidebar]]. The resources for automatic vocabulary generation and QA is [[https://​​OHDSI/​Vocabulary-v5.0|here]].+<WRAP box justify round> 
 +**Objective:​** The objective of this workgroup (WG) is to improve ​the quality of the Standardized ​Vocabularies, to increase their coverage of especially international coding systems and clinical aspects of patient care. The purpose is to facility standardized analytics, as developed in some of the other working groups.  
 +**Project Lead:​**  ​[[http://​​who-we-are/​collaborators/​christian-reich/​|Christian Reich]], [[http://​​who-we-are/​collaborators/​patrick-ryan/​|Patrick Ryan]] 
 +**Start Date:** 15-Jan-2015 
 +**Repository:​**  ​[[https://​​OHDSI/​vocabulary-v5.0]] ​(very dirty, not ready for prime time). 
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