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LDL Levels vs Statin Intensity as a Predictor of Adverse Cardiac Events

Objective: The goal of our study is to evaluate practice-based evidence from to determine whether achieved LDL or statin intensity status is most important in predicting adverse health outcomes.

Rationale: Recommendations from the 2013 American College of Cardiology/American Heart Association Guidelines on the Assessment of Cardiovascular Risk have had a controversial reception. Questions remain as to whether statins possess an intrinsic beneficial quality above and beyond their reduction of LDL levels, and thus should be maximized regardless of LDL level. Studies are also conflicting as to whether LDL reduction using drugs other than a statin will achieve equivalent results in terms of cardiovascular protection.

Project Lead(s): Nigam Shah, Jon Duke [others pending]

Coordinating Institution(s): Stanford University

Additional Participants: <usually blank initially, list will grow as individuals are added who are not project leads>

Full Protocol: <if available, a link to protocol. not necessary for initial planning>

Initial Proposal Date:

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Study Closure Date: <fill out once finalized>

Results Submission: <method of sumission, eg. Email or SFTP>


CDM: <V4 or V5 or both>

Table Accessed: <e.g., person, drug_exposure, observations>

Database Dialects: SQL Server, Postgres, Oracle

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