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Incidence of exposure to drugs for which pre-emptive pharmacogenomic testing is available

Objective: Derive data that large healthcare organizations can combine data on risks of adverse events and cost data to conduct cost-effectiveness / cost-benefit analyses for pre-emptive pharmacogenomics testing

Rationale: Very few studies have been conducted that report on the potential return on investment for pre-emptive pharmacogenomics testing. The studies that have been published suggest that pre-emptive pharmacogenomics testing may produce a return on investment but much depends on if a sufficient number of drugs with pharmacogenes are covered by a single test. Since the current data are limited to relatively localized settings and might not be of generalizable use to other health organizations, it's of interest to implement a new study using the OHDSI research network.

Project Lead(s): Richard D. Boyce, Matthias Samwald, Patrick Ryan, (seeking other collaborators)

Coordinating Institution(s): University of Pittsburgh, Medical University of Vienna

Additional Participants: <usually blank initially, list will grow as individuals are added who are not project leads>

Full Protocol: <if available, a link to protocol. not necessary for initial planning>

Initial Proposal Date: 2/16/2015

Launch Date: <fill out once finalized>

Study Closure Date: <fill out once finalized>

Results Submission: <method of sumission, eg. Email or SFTP>


CDM: V4 or V5


Database Dialects: SQL Server, Postgres, Oracle

Software: SQL and R



Post a thread letting everyone know about this new proposed study at

Datasets Run

  • Truven CCAE in the IMEDS lab
  • Truven MDCD in the IMEDS lab
  • Truven MDCR in the IMEDS lab
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