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 ====== OHDSI Mailing Lists ====== ====== OHDSI Mailing Lists ======
 +**All lists are publicly viewable and can be joined by signing in at our [[http://​​|forums]] and selecting the "​Watching"​ status as show below.**
-===== Community =====+{{ :​resources:​screen_shot_2014-11-10_at_11.59.14_pm.png |}}
-For new members and for general discussion about the OHDSI community.+-----
-===== Implementers List =====+===== General Community ​=====
-For discussion about how to implement ​the CDM and OHDSI analytics framework in your local environment.+For new members and for general ​discussion about the OHDSI community. [[http://​​category/​general|View]]
-===== Developers List =====+===== Implementers ​=====
-For discussion ​around open-source development of OHDSI applications and other tools that leverage ​the OMOP CDM.+For discussion ​about how to implement ​the CDM and OHDSI analytics framework in your local environment.[[http://​​category/​implementers|View]]
-===== Researchers List =====+===== Developers ​=====
-For discussion around ​CDM-based research, including evidence generation, collaborative research, statistical methods, ​and other topics of interest to the Research Network.+For discussion around ​open-source development of OHDSI applications ​and other tools that leverage ​the OMOP CDM.[[http://​​category/​developers|View]]
-===== CDM Builders ​=====+===== Researchers ​=====
-For discussion ​regarding ongoing ​CDM development, including ​requirementsvocabulary, and technical aspects.+For discussion ​around ​CDM-based research, including ​evidence generationcollaborative research, statistical methods, and other topics of interest to the Research Network.[[http://​​category/​researchers|View]]
 +===== CDM Builders =====
-All lists are publicly viewable ​and can be joined by signing in at our [[http://​​|forums]] and selecting the "​Watching"​ status as show below.+For discussion regarding ongoing CDM development,​ including requirements,​ vocabulary, ​and technical aspects.[[http://​​category/​cdm-builders|View]]
-{{ :​resources:​screen_shot_2014-11-10_at_11.59.14_pm.png |}} 
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