Gianluca Trifiro

BioOHDSI Publications

Gianluca Trifirò, MD, PhD
Assistant Professor of Pharmacology
University of Messina (& Erasmus University Medical Center)

Gianluca Trifiró is an Italian MD with Post-graduation Degree in Clinical Pharmacology, a Master of Science in Clinical Epidemiology and a PhD in pharmacoepidemiology Currently, he works as Honorary Assistant Professor at the Department of Medical Informatics of Erasmus University Medical Center and at the University of Messina. He is also appointed as member of Scientific Secretariat of Italian Drug Agency and Sicilian Regional Drug Formulary. He is consultant of the Italian College of General Practitioners for the conduct of pharmacoepidemiology studies using the GP nationwide database.

In the last years, his main research activities concern the scientific coordination and management of multicentre, international projects (i.e. EU-ADR, ARITMO, SUCRE, SAFEGUARD, MPI-AGE) aimed at assessing the post-marketing drug (including biosimilars) use and safety using multiple European electronic medical record databases.In particular, as regard the European project “EU-ADR” (Exploring and understanding adverse drug reactions by integrative mining of clinical records and biomedical knowledge), he led a work package concerning the system validation and a task force for the outcome data extraction harmonization across multiple heterogeneous databases. Some of the main activities that he specifically led were: a) the creation of a list of high priority adverse events to be investigated when applying data mining on large amount of electronic health records, and b) the comparison of signal detection using either electronic medical records or spontaneous reporting database system. For this task, a list of a surrogate reference standard of drug-adverse event associations based on existing scientific literature and expert opinion was newly developed with the final aim to evaluate the precision of the two systems in terms of signal detection. As follow-up of this task, he collaborated with OHDSI to establish an integrated knowledge base of drugs and health outcomes of interest. Also he collaborated with some OHSDI partners to develop new methodologies for detection of potential drug safety signals related to long-term drug exposure in longitudinal observational data.

Additionally, he is referee for the research grants funded by the European Commission (FP7, ERC and Horizon 2020 program), authors of more than 120 scientific peer-reviewed scientific publications in international journals in the area of pharmacovigilance and pharmacoepidemiology and member of editorial boards of several international journals including Drug Safety and Clinical Drug Investigation.

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