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Automated Characterization of Health Information at Large-scale Longitudinal Evidence Systems (ACHILLES) – descriptive statistics about an OMOP CDM v4 and V5 database.

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ACHILLES is a platform which enables the characterization, quality assessment and visualization of observational health databases. ACHILLES provides users with an interactive, exploratory framework to assess patient demographics, the prevalence of conditions, drugs and procedures, and to evaluate the distribution of values for clinical observations.

Scope and purpose

ACHILLES is intended to be implemented by organizations that have patient-level observational health databases available in their local environment. By itself, ACHILLES does not perform study-specific analysis, but can assist exploring the contents of a CDM database to determine whether data exists that can support a study.

Installation and support

ACHILLES has two main components. The first component is implemented as an R package and runs securely within your local environment without disclosing any patient identifiable information. This R component requires that your database adheres to the OMOP common data model standard. The R package generates summary statistics which describe the quality and content of the patient-level observational health database and provides features to perform a simple review or bulk export of the summary statistics.

The second component of ACHILLES is implemented as a HTML5 / JavaScript website with a series of interactive reports that allow for the exploration and visualization of the generated summary statistics. Summary statistics from multiple databases can be made available from a single installation of the ACHILLES web site.

Please note: If you are using Atlas/WebAPI 2.0 or later, you will not need to need to create the second component of Achilles. We highly recommend running Atlas/WebAPI 2.2.0 or later as this added additional performance enhancements that aid in the usability of the Achilles data via Atlas/WebAPI.

All source code and installation instructions available on Github: and

Any bugs/issues/enhancements regarding Achilles Analysis should be posted to the Github repository:

Any bugs/issues/enhancements regarding AchillesWeb visualizations should be posted to the Github repository:

Any questions/comments/feedback/discussion about HERMES can be posted on the OHDSI Developer Forum:

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