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 ===== DEVICE_COST table ===== ===== DEVICE_COST table =====
-This table is no longer part of the OMOP CDM Version 5, and replaced by the [[documentation:​cdm:​cost|COST]] table.+As of version 5.0.1 (5-Apr-2016),​ this table is no longer part of the OMOP CDM. It is replaced by the [[documentation:​cdm:​cost|COST]] table. 
 +For prior definition, see below. 
 +The DEVICE_COST table captures the cost of a medical Device or supply used on a Person. The information about the cost is only derived from the amounts paid for the device. 
 +|device_cost_id|Yes|integer|A unique identifier for each DEVICE_COST record.| 
 +|device_exposure_ id|Yes|integer|A foreign key identifier to the DEVICE_EXPOSURE record for which cost data are recorded.| 
 +|currency_concept_id|No|integer|A concept representing the 3-letter code used to delineate international currencies, such as USD for US Dollar.| 
 +|paid_copay|No|float|The amount paid by the Person as a fixed contribution to the expenses. Copay does not contribute to the out_of_pocket expenses.| 
 +|paid_coinsurance|No|float|The amount paid by the Person as a joint assumption of risk. Typically, this is a percentage of the expenses defined by the Payer Plan after the person'​s deductible is exceeded.| 
 +|paid_toward_ deductible|No|float|The amount paid by the Person that is counted toward the deductible defined by the Payer Plan.| 
 +|paid_by_payer|No|float|The amount paid by the Payer. If there is more than one payer, several procedure_cost records indicate that fact.| 
 +|paid_by_coordination_benefits|No|float|The amount paid by a secondary payer through the coordination of benefits.| 
 +|total_out_of_pocket|No|float|The total amount paid by the Person as a share of the expenses, excluding the copay.| 
 +|total_paid|No|float|The total amount paid for the expenses of the procedure.| 
 +|payer_plan_period_id|No|integer|A foreign key to the payer_plan_period table, where the details of the payer, plan and family are stored.| 
 +==== Conventions ==== 
 +  * If the Device is derived from a Procedure record, all conventions apply to the field’s equivalent to the procedure_cost (see above). 
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