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 +====== ICD10CN ======
 +ICD10CN is a local Chinese edition of [[documentation:​vocabulary:​icd10|International classification of diseases 10]].
 +It is notably different from other editions for including WHO classification for neoplasm morphologies (similar to [[[[documentation:​vocabulary:​icdo3|ICDO3]] vocabulary).
 +=== Concept names ===
 +Since official release of ICD10CN does not include English translations,​ most displayed concept names were automatically translated in a bulk with review pending. Some concept names are taken from matching concepts belonging to other classifications (namely ICD10 and ICDO3).
 +All concepts retain their original Chinese names as synonyms.
 +=== Domains and Standard status ===
 +All concepts in ICD10CN belong to Condition [[documentation:​vocabulary:​domains|domain]]. All ICD10CN concepts are non-standard and most are mapped to standard Condition concepts from other [[documentation:​vocabulary:​snomed|SNOMED-CT]] and ICDO3.
 +=== Concept Classes ===
 +All concepts in ICD10CN belong to one of three classes:
 +**1. ICD10 Hierarchy**
 +These concepts represent hierarchical levels of ICD10CN.
 +**2. ICD10 code**
 +These concepts represent usual billable codes for diagnoses.
 +**3. ICD10 Histology**
 +These concepts represent histology of neoplastic diseases.
 +These numeric codes consist of 6 characters.
 +  * First 4 digits represent morphology. Combinations meaning is shared with those in ICDO3 vocabulary.
 +  * 5th digit represents subtype of histologic diagnosis.
 +  * 6th digit separated by slash represents behaviour of the neoplasm.
 +=== Relationship and hierarchy ===
 +Even though internal hierarchy is imported as is from sources, ICD10CN concept do not form hierarchical relationships in OMOP CDM, because they are not considered Standard.
 +Only external relations ICD10CN concepts have are 'Maps to' relations sourced from matching concepts in ICD10 and ICDO3 vocabularies.
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