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 +====== ICD10-GM ======
 +The ICD10 German Modification is maintained by the [[https://​​dynamic/​de/​klassifikationen/​icd/​icd-10-gm/​|DIMDI]] and the source material was provided under these [[https://​​static/​.downloads/​deutsch/​downloadbedhilfe.pdf|licensing conditions]].
 +It was created using stacked versions ranging from year 2000 to 2020 provided by Dresden University. Codes were versionized over the course of these yearly versions leading to initially over 500 deprecated codes in the vocabulary (i.e. not valid in the latest version, but valid in previous versions).
 +If you use this material in scientific publications,​ please cite according to these [[https://​​dynamic/​de/​faq/​faq/​klassifikationen-zitieren/​|instructions]].
 +Please note:
 +The creation is done using the machine-readable version of the German Institute for Medical Documentation and Information (DIMDI). („Die Erstellung erfolgt unter Verwendung der maschinenlesbaren Fassung des Deutschen Instituts für Medizinische Dokumentation und Information (DIMDI).“)
 +Existing matching codes in ICD10 (WHO) have been used for
 +  * applying English translation and
 +  * mapping to standard concepts
 +Codes that were only present in ICD10-GM but not the International version have been auto-translated and uphill mapping by its parent code to the respective less specific concept has been applied. These codes have been retained to return later for a manual mapping to more specific codes.
 +For general information about the International Classification of Diseases, tenth revision, please review the [[documentation:​vocabulary:​icd10|ICD10]] page.
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