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-====== ​OHDSI Annoation Workgroup ​======+====== ​ATLAS Chart Review Development WG ======
 <WRAP box justify round> <WRAP box justify round>
 **Objective:​** ​ **Objective:​** ​
 +The ATLAS Chart Review Development WG is a forum to discuss the design and implementation of a chart review tool incorporation of annotations into the OMOP CDM. More information on the nature of potential annotations can be found in this {{:​projects:​workgroups:​annotation_ohdsi_community_call.pptx|Community Presentation}} and in this [[http://​​t/​annotations-in-the-cdm/​3995|forum thread]]. We welcome all participants and attendees interested in the topic.
-Our goal: The OHDSI Annotation Workgroup is forum to discuss ​the incorporation of annotations into the OMOP CDM.  including high level concepts regarding ​ discussions related ​to ATLAS, WebAPI and other components of the OHDSI Architecture. ​ We welcome all participants and attendees interested in the OHDSI Architecture.+**Deliverables:​** 
 +Our deliverables include ​proposal ​to the CDM Working Group and a Patient Level Annotation (Chart Review) component ​to incorporate into the OHDSI Atlas platform.
-Deliverables: ​ Our deliverables include [[https://​​OHDSI/​Atlas|ATLAS]] and [[https://​​OHDSI/​WebAPI|WebAPI]] along with the technology roadmap supporting the advancement of evidence generation from observation data. +**Project Lead:** [[http://​​who-we-are/​collaborators/​jon-duke/|Jon Duke]]
- +
-**Project Lead:** [[http://​​who-we-are/​collaborators/​frank-defalco/|Frank DeFalco]]+
 **WG Agenda and Minutes:​** ​ **WG Agenda and Minutes:​** ​
-Feel free to browse all our past meeting minutes in the  +
-[[https://​​open?​id=0B4eIAU3yEiR-flZXSE1Sb3lOZEZteDBNcVhGUzRNbnJvNDZXd05mblRIN3pLdzVPdkxTSG8|Meeting Minutes Archive]]+
 </​WRAP>​ </​WRAP>​
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 ==== Meetings (Telecon Info) ==== ==== Meetings (Telecon Info) ====
-Time: Every other Thursday ​from 10-11:30am ET+Time: Every other Wednesday ​from 10-11:00am ET
-[[​MTID=m3e1ceeca56f1e94c9fcf1ae98c10e02e|Click here to join the meeting via WebEx]]+ <​https://​​join/​775844773>​
-Join by phone   +You can also dial in using your phone. 
-  * Call-in toll-free number: 1-877-5659999 ​(US  +United States+1 (872240-3412
-  * Call-in number: 1-617-9392838 (US)   +
-  * Attendee access code: 498 480 37+
 +Access Code: 775-844-773
 **Upcoming meetings: **Upcoming meetings:
 ** **
-  * January 12th2017 +  * Proposed: April 18th2018
-  * January 26th, 2017 +
-  * February 9th, 2017 +
-  * February 23th, 2017 +
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