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 Next Meeting: (Date and Time) March 30 9am EST/2pm CET Next Meeting: (Date and Time) March 30 9am EST/2pm CET
 +Agenda: ​
 +1) Introductions
 +2) Discussion on proposed activities
 +3) Presentation Jamie Weaver: Estimation of gestational age and pregnancy in health care databases & mother child linkage. background ​ http://​​plosone/​article?​id=10.1371/​journal.pone.0192033
 +4) Discussion on contributions to the community on topics discussed by Jamie
 +5) Presentation Miriam Sturkenboom on GAIA maternal and neonatal outcome definitions/​codes and discussion on ability to identify outcomes/​phenotyping in community
 OHDSI WG Maternal & Child Health ​ OHDSI WG Maternal & Child Health ​
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