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-====== ​Psychiatry WG ======+====== ​Workgroup Title ======
 <WRAP box justify round> <WRAP box justify round>
 **Objective:​** ​ **Objective:​** ​
-The Pyschiatry working group strives to tackle the following goals: +**Project Lead:​**  ​
-  ​To address the different challenges of data harmonization across areas of psychiatry +
-  ​To better understand the vocabularies used across the specialty +
-  * To decide what is necessary to move current data into the OMOP model +
-  * To help each other understand and learn from experiences+
-**Project Leads:**  ​[[https://​​who-we-are/​collaborators/​dmitry-dymshyts|Dmitry Dymshyts]], [[https://​​who-we-are/​collaborators/​mui-van-zandt|Mui Van Zandt]]+**Start Date:** 
-</​WRAP>​+**Repository:​**  ​
-**GitHub Repo:** to follow+</​WRAP>​
-**Minutes:​** [[https://​​document/​d/​13e22kkNJrClCJqyXf32N5Uf6WqDlCItMfJbKqI6fNQE/​edit?​usp=sharing|OHDSI Psychiatry Working Group Minutes]] 
 ==== Meetings ==== ==== Meetings ====
-Schedule: ​Bi-monthly, 8am ET+Schedule: ​
-Next Meeting: ​3rd October, 2019+Next Meeting: ​(Date and Time)
 Call in Number: ​ Call in Number: ​
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 Attendee access code: Attendee access code:
-WebEx: ​[[https://​​quintiles-quintilesims/​sarah.seager/​F0MS2T5B|Join Skype Meeting]] ​  +WebEx: ​
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