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    This done through the [FeatureExtraction](https://​​FeatureExtraction/​) package.    This done through the [FeatureExtraction](https://​​FeatureExtraction/​) package.
 +===== Adding index terms =====
 +This section describes how to add index terms that will appear in the back-of-the-book index. ​
 +Note: This is only relevant for those folks that have been appointed as indexers. Please do not try to add index terms if you are not an indexer.
 +To identify a point in the book where a certain term is discussed, just add
 +''​\index{your term here}''​
 +to the Rmd file at the appropriate position. This markup will not be rendered in the HTML or PDF at that location, and will only be used to create the index entry in the back of the book.
 +Most index terms should simply start with a lower case, unless it's a proper noun. Only mark the term if the page is really about the term, not if the page just mentions the word. Ask yourself: if I were to look this term up in the back-of-the-book index, is this the page I would want to read?
 +Below are examples of index entries:
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