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 +  * ·         We had a recap of the ICD-O 3 vocabulary and agreed upon using a temporary pre-coordinated terms which would collapse the ICD-O 3 three axes to a single axis. Similar to the approach of transforming LOINC to CDM model. Rimma to document the mapping/​proposal and route to group by next week.
 +  * ·         ​Andrew to contact agencies such as CDC/ASCO and National Cancer Registry on their standardizing effects.
 +  * ·         ​Guoqian pointed out that there was an agency working on ICD-O 4 and he was to follow up as well as reach out to NCI contacts on their standardizing efforts.
 +  * ·         Rimma to follow up with NCI/FDA on their standardizing efforts.
 +  * ·         ​Christian confirmed that the oncology de-identified diagnostic dataset is commercially available and the group could download and work on it.
 +  * ·         Mike was to follow up with his internal cancer registry folks on utilizing the dataset.
 +  * ·       The next step is to review cancer treatment standards
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