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OHDSI Research Studies

The mission of OHDSI is to generate high-quality evidence through observational research. A primary pathway by which this is accomplished is through collaborative research studies.

We currently in the process of consolidating all OHDSI study materials on the OHDSI github and will be retiring this wiki page shortly. If you have study materials on the OHDSI wiki, please move them here:

All new studies should be posted is the OHDSI Github Study Protocol Sandbox. Please DO NOT post new study materials on this wiki page.

Completed studies should be moved here:

CLICK HERE to learn more about how to run an OHDSI study.

Learn more on the OHDSI Study FAQ or view example IRB Protocols.

Link with list of sites: data_network that fully or partially converted their data to the OMOP CDM.

Older List of sites

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