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Quality of Race and Ethnicity Data in the EHR

Objective: The purpose of this study is to assess the completeness of data collection for race and ethnicity in the Electronic Health Record of multiple institutions in the US.

Rationale: Given the fact that this type of data is used to study health disparities as well as to perform risk assessment for patients, it would be valuable to know the current state of race and ethnicity from a quality perspective.

Project Leads: Fernanda Polubriaginof, Adler Perotte, George Hripcsak, David Vawdrey

Coordinating Institution(s): Columbia University

Additional Participants: (currently seeking additional collaborators)

Full Protocol: Quality of Race and Ethnicity Data in the EHR Protocol

Initial Proposal Date: 8/24/2016

Launch Date: Target 9/15/2016

Study Closure Date: TBD

Results Submission: Email


CDM: V4 or V5

Database Dialect: SQL Server, Postgres, Oracle

Software: SQL as above



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